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Configure JBoss for Maven Deployments

8 November 2015

One of the projects I jumped into recently is a hybrid mobile application with a JBoss backend. I’m not very familiar with Java ecosystem, thus setting up a dev environment was a bit of a challenge.

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Conditional Top Space to Container Constraint

16 January 2015

I don’t open Interface Builder very often. I haven’t opened it for so long, that I’ve missed all the stuff with constraints and autolayouts that were introduced in iOS6. That’s the price I’ve paid for doing UI programmatically only.

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Streaming Games

6 February 2014

I’m a gamer. I play video games since Atari 2600 Jr. and having different gaming platforms over the years I do finally stick mostly with PC. Reason? Selection of games (yeah, we can start a flame war here, whatever). The only thing I always missed from the video consoles world is the ability to lay down on a couch and just play your favourite games. One could say that you can always connect your PC to a TV set and you’re done, but that’s not easy if you have one powerful gaming rig and it’s sitting in a different room.

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Speaking in 2014

27 January 2014

It seems that this year is coming with more speaking opportunities for me than 2013. Got some talks already confirmed and some of them are still under planning. I’ve just put them together and will update as I’ll get to know more details.

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